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Updated: March 18, 2023

Scientists create 3D picture of odour molecule, opening new avenues for understanding sense of smell

Study may lead to development of new technologies and therapies for smell-related disorders

Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding the sense of smell by creating a 3D picture of an odour molecule. The study, which was conducted by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), could pave the way for the development of new technologies and therapies for smell-related disorders.

The researchers used a combination of techniques, including X-ray crystallography and quantum chemical calculations, to create a detailed 3D image of an odour molecule. The image shows how the molecule interacts with the receptors in the nose, which are responsible for detecting different odours.

The study sheds light on the complex process of how we perceive and identify different smells. It could also help scientists better understand the mechanisms behind smell-related disorders, such as anosmia (loss of sense of smell) and hyperosmia (heightened sense of smell).

The researchers believe that their findings could lead to the development of new technologies and therapies for these disorders. For example, the 3D picture of the odour molecule could be used to design new drugs that target specific receptors in the nose, or to create more effective artificial nose technologies.

The study is a significant step forward in the field of olfactory science and has the potential to make a lasting impact on our understanding of the sense of smell.


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