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Updated: March 24, 2023

Google Launches Public Beta of Its AI Chatbot 'Bard

Google Launches Public Beta of Its AI Chatbot 'Bard'

Google's burgeoning chatbot Bard has now entered open public beta and is available for anyone to try out as long as they provide feedback to the company.

Despite the fact that this is a public beta, there is still a waitlist to try the experimental chatbot, which is only available to users in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Google provides no timeline for the official rollout to general consumers but does state that the rollout will be slow due to numerous bugs to be worked out (thus the open beta).

"Bard is an experiment, and his responses may be incorrect or inappropriate. You can help improve Bard by leaving feedback "On an official splash page, the company wrote.

So, what exactly is Bard? It's Google's response to OpenAI's ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing's AI chatbot, and every other AI-enhanced chatbot out there. Bard starts with a blank text box and lets users ask whatever questions they want. The chatbot responds in a conversational manner.

According to Google, Bard is ideal for generating writing draughts, bouncing ideas off of, or simply chatting about life.

According to Google, Bard will be updated on a near-daily basis, integrating with new large language models provided by LaMDA as they become available and adding new capabilities. According to the company, they are working on adding coding, speaking in more languages, and integrating multimodal experiences (images and videos).

Stay tuned as the company promises that this public beta will be expanded to more countries and languages in the coming months.


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