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Updated: May 17, 2023

From Cricket to Cinema: Indian Skippers Transformed into Hollywood Icons Through AI-Generated Art

AI-generated images transformed Indian cricketers into Hollywood characters.

Vk Dhoni AI image

The Internet is an astounding realm! It's not uncommon for famous personalities to be depicted as entirely different entities through AI-generated images. Recently, two beloved Indian captains were portrayed as iconic Hollywood characters, resulting in a truly mind-blowing revelation!

Jyo John Mulloor, an artist, delighted us with captivating images of cricketers transformed into beloved Hollywood movie characters using Midjourney. The collection showcased only MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, both deserving every ounce of our undivided attention.


In his Instagram bio, Jyo John Mulloor proudly identifies himself as an Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast. Recently, he utilized the platform to unveil AI-generated images of MS Dhoni as Captain Dhoni Sparrow and Virat Kohli as Virat Ragnar Lothbrok. Not stopping there, he even renamed their IPL teams as Pirates of Chennai and RCB Vikings, respectively. The transformation was so remarkable that Dhoni and Kohli appeared entirely unrecognizable, assuming the personas of Captain Jack Sparrow and Ragnar Lothbrok.

MSDVK AI image

Behold! Feast your eyes upon these marvelous AI-generated images, showcasing the two Indian skippers in all their glory:

Absolutely mind-blowing, isn't it?

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