Updated: March 8, 2023

BJP Leaders in Nagaland Praise Rahul Gandhi's Confidence Amid Showdown Between BJP and Congress

BJP Leaders in Nagaland Praise Rahul Gandhi's Confidence Amid Showdown Between BJP and Congress

Nagaland BJP chief Temjen Imna Along has praised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his photograph from London, despite the two parties' constant exchange of barbs over his UK tour.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Temjen Imna Along, the president of the Nagaland BJP, thanked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his photograph from London during the ongoing BJP-Congress feud over his UK tour. The Minister of Tribal Affairs took to Twitter and lauded the Congress leader, whose photo in a sharp suit and trimmed beard, has taken the internet by storm with many users calling him 'PM material'.

Along praised the Congress leader's confidence and demeanour.

"Manna padega, Photo toh achchi ayi, Confidence aur Pose bhi Next Level hain," wrote Along.

However, the popular politician later mocked the Congress for plagiarising the caption for Rahul's photo. "At least write the caption yourself," he wrote, revealing the source of the phrase.

The BJP leader's post of appreciation comes at a time when the saffron party is busy responding to Rahul Gandhi's comments about the PM Modi-led BJP government.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said two days ago to British parliamentarians in London that the opposition is often silenced in India and that being an MP is difficult. Gandhi also sought foreign intervention to address India's democracy problems, but later stated that "they were internal issues that required in-house solutions."

Kanchan Gupta, senior adviser at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, responded to Rahul Gandhi's allegations by saying that the Congress leader's "claims" were to cover up his own "tardy performance as MP" on Wednesday.

Kanchan Gupta claimed that Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi's attendance was "way lower than Kerala average" in a series of tweets.

"Rahul Gandhi's baseless claim that the opposition is silenced in India's Parliament is a cover for his own tardy performance as MP and unusually low participation in proceedings," he said. His attendance is significantly lower than the Kerala average and significantly lower than the national average."

"There have been entire sessions of the Indian Parliament where Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has scored Zero Attendance," Kanchan Gupta said.





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