Updated: May 23, 2023

PM Narendra Modi to Address Indian Community at Grand Sydney Event, Australia's PM to Attend


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the Indian community in a momentous event held in Sydney. The gathering, highly anticipated by the Indian diaspora, will also be graced by the presence of the Prime Minister of Australia.

The event promises to be a significant platform for PM Modi to engage with the Indian community residing in Australia. It presents an excellent opportunity for the Prime Minister to connect with and acknowledge the contributions of Indian expatriates in fostering strong bilateral ties between the two nations.

Australian Prime Minister, [Name], has confirmed his attendance at the event, underscoring the importance of the occasion. The presence of the Australian Prime Minister further emphasizes the deepening relationship between the two countries and signifies the value Australia places on its Indian community.

The address by PM Modi is expected to touch upon various facets of the India-Australia partnership, including trade, defence, technology, and cultural exchange. It will likely highlight the shared values and common interests that bind the two nations together.

The Indian community in Australia is eagerly looking forward to this grand event, as it provides them with an opportunity to hear directly from their Prime Minister and express their thoughts and concerns. The event will also serve as a platform for community members to showcase their cultural heritage and foster a sense of unity and pride.

As the event unfolds, the world will be watching, recognizing the significance of this gathering in strengthening the ties between India and Australia. The address by PM Modi and the presence of the Australian Prime Minister will undoubtedly mark a significant moment in the history of the Indo-Australian relationship, leaving a lasting impact on both nations.



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