Updated: May 7, 2023

Alia Bhatt Shares Funny Incident from Met Gala with Priyanka Chopra

Alia Bhatt

According to Bhatt, Chopra had told her, "You'd have to take me to the bathroom to find me." The statement left Bhatt in splits, and the two actresses had a good laugh about it.

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. It is one of the biggest events in the fashion industry, with celebrities from around the world attending in their most stylish and extravagant outfits.

Both Bhatt and Chopra have attended the Met Gala in the past, with Chopra making headlines for her stunning outfits and bold fashion choices. Bhatt has also made her mark on the event, with her elegant and sophisticated fashion sense.

The two actresses are known to be good friends and have been spotted together on several occasions. They also recently worked together on the film "Gangubai Kathiawadi", which was produced by Bhatt and starred Chopra in a special appearance.

Bhatt's funny incident from the Met Gala highlights the fun and camaraderie that exists between the two actresses and is sure to leave fans amused and entertained.


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