Updated: May 30, 2023

Aamir Khan Turns to Ranbir Kapoor as Salman Khan Opts Out of Champions

Amir, Salman , Ranbir

Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

In February of this year, news surfaced that Salman Khan and Aamir Khan were engaged in discussions regarding the remake of the Spanish film "Campeones." According to reports, Aamir had approached Salman with the proposal of starring as the protagonist in the Hindi adaptation named "Champions." It was even anticipated that an official announcement would be made in March. Unfortunately, no progress has been made on the project since then. Recent reports now suggest that Salman Khan has chosen to withdraw from the remake, prompting Aamir Khan to approach Ranbir Kapoor for the film.

According to a reliable source in the Bollywood industry, who revealed the details to Bollywood Hungama, Salman Khan had a strong desire to be a part of the remake of "Campeones."

However, certain scheduling conflicts arose, which led the actor to withdraw from the project. The source mentioned that everything was progressing positively, and Salman had displayed genuine enthusiasm for the storyline. The final narration was pending before commencing work on the film in June. Unfortunately, after the narration, Salman realized that the film's schedule would overlap with his other commitments, prompting him to step down from the sports drama directed by RS Prasanna.

However, every bad cloud has a silver lining, and Aamir's Champions are no exception. Following Salman's withdrawal from the film, Aamir Khan has approached Ranbir Kapoor. “Ranbir is doing some interesting films. He is consciously choosing varied scripts and genres, building an impressive repertoire. Given his acting prowess, and the fact that he has never really done a sports drama, it will be interesting to see Ranbir in a new avatar”, says the source.

Interestingly, Ranbir has shown interest in the project, "Ranbir has heard the narration and has expressed interest. If everything goes as planned, he will be seen leading the Champions."

The upcoming film "Champions," which is an official remake of the Spanish film "Campeones," is being directed by RS Prasanna, and it is backed by AKP production house. The film is anticipated to hit the screens in 2024, although the exact release date will be determined once all the necessary paperwork is completed.



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