Updated: Feb. 28, 2023

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor rejects Air India's in-flight meal, posts photos on Twitter

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Disappointed with Air India's In-Flight Meal, Shares Photos on Twitter

Renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor recently took to Twitter to express his disappointment with the in-flight meal served by Air India during his flight from Nagpur to Mumbai. The celebrity chef, who is known for his culinary expertise, called out the airline for serving unpalatable food to its passengers. Kapoor shared photos of his meal, which included a cold chicken tikka with watermelon, cucumber, tomato, and sev, a sandwich with minimal filling of chopped cabbage with mayo, and a sugar syrup sponge painted with sweetened cream and yellow glaze. He even pulled apart the sandwich to show the minimal filling. Kapoor's tweet highlights the concerns of many travelers about the quality of food served on flights and trains.



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