Updated: July 13, 2022

Rise of Kingdoms by Lilith Games has generated over $2 billion in total sales

Players can select from thirteen different civilizations in Lilith Games' well-known 4x strategy game Rise of Kingdoms and lead them to triumph. Rise of Kingdoms was first released in 2018, and as of June 2022, its worldwide version had earned more than $2 billion in lifetime revenue. Since its release, it has drawn millions of players, and it can now be claimed to have a user base that rivals that of Lords Mobile, another well-known MMO RPG game.

The Rise of Kingdoms' user base is steadily increasing

Rise of Kingdoms appears to be having success and doesn't appear to be willing to back down. According to data from AppMagic, the game has recently surpassed 100 million downloads in just the past month, surpassing the $2 billion milestone for lifetime revenue.

The game alone made an astounding $44 million in June, and by examining the game's income graph, it is simple to predict that the game typically brings in about $50 million per month.

One of the top-grossing mobile games is Rise of Kingdoms

The game's outstanding and incredibly functional gameplay, combined with its abundance of various features, which make it a quite unique game on mobile platforms, are some of the factors contributing to its popularity. The game's total cumulative average revenue per game (ARPU) is $19.56, which is another evidence of the popularity and user-friendliness of the title as well as the fact that players typically spend a respectable sum of money on it.

It is a great accomplishment that was not at all simple to reach the $2 billion revenue mark and 100 million downloads, and it appears that this will give the Rise of Kingdoms developers even more motivation to work even harder on this game to take it to new heights and elevate the players' gaming experience by another notch.

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