Updated: Jan. 5, 2023

Pucca Puzzle Adventure, a new mobile game, is now available for global pre-registration

"Pucca Puzzle Adventure," a global mobile puzzle game, will be released soon.TAKEONE COMPANY, the developer of the BTS World mobile game, has announced that the global pre-registration for Pucca Puzzle Adventure will begin on the 27th on Google Play and the App Store.

As part of the pre-registration celebration, all users who pre-register will receive 1,600 gems and 100 tokens for drawing legendary characters.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure stars Pucca, a character created in 2002 who was named the most popular character in Korea for six consecutive years until 2021.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure is a puzzle game in which the main character Pucca embarks on an expedition to defeat Dong King, a greedy villain with a plan to conquer the world. It includes over 100 unique and adorable characters from the original animated cartoon. The game combines match 3 puzzles that can be solved by strategically using elemental properties with RPG elements such as character levelling to clear over 1,000 stages.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure provides different game modes, including Boss Raid, Puzzle Quest, Challenge Mode, and Village, in addition to the main stage, so players can enjoy a variety of missions. The game, with the slogan "Break Free," allows users to enjoy exciting animations and sound effects while solving puzzles.

TAKEONE COMPANY anticipates that the popular Korean character "Pucca" will win the hearts of global mobile game users.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure will be officially released globally at the end of January 2023, following a one-month pre-registration event. More information is available on the game's official website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.






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