Updated: April 10, 2023

New Online Gaming Rules Announced: What Games are Banned and What are Not

A look at the new rules for online gaming in India

The Indian government has recently announced new rules for online gaming in the country. Here is a breakdown of what has been announced:

Ban on certain games: The government has banned several popular online games, including PUBG, Mobile Legends, and Clash of Kings, citing concerns over their addictive nature and potential impact on young players.

Time limits for gaming: The new rules also require online gaming platforms to limit the duration of gameplay for players under the age of 18. The exact time limits will vary depending on the age of the player and the type of game being played.

Real-name registration: To prevent underage players from accessing online games, the government has mandated real-name registration for all players. This means that players will have to provide their real name and other personal details before they can start playing.

Monitoring by platforms: Online gaming platforms will be required to monitor the content of the games they host and take action against any content that is deemed to be inappropriate or harmful.

Complaint mechanism: The new rules require online gaming platforms to have a complaint mechanism in place to address any issues raised by players or their parents.

The new rules are aimed at protecting young players from the potential harms of online gaming while still allowing them to enjoy the benefits of this popular form of entertainment.

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