Updated: July 25, 2022

GeForce Now supports 120Hz gaming on Android devices, thanks to Nvidia

GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service from Nvidia, has announced support for 120Hz displays on Android smartphones. This capability has now been made available to all Android phones with 120Hz displays or higher after previously only being tested on a few pre-approved Android phones.

An official list of Android smartphones and tablets that Nvidia supports has been made public, and the company promised future support for additional devices.

Go to the settings page in the GeForce Now app and select the Stream quality option to activate support for 120 frames per second. Next, change the resolution to match the phone's display and select 120 frames per second from the dropdown menu.

Additionally, you will need to confirm that the Android phone's settings allow for 120Hz, as some phones do not by default.

Users can stream games that are often played on PCs to any device, including TVs, cellphones, and tablets, thanks to GeForce Now. It operates by running games on a high-performance server farm equipped with GPUs from Nvidia, then streaming them to any device.

This enables people with relatively underpowered PCs or mobile phones to play games they otherwise might not have been able to. The company's RTX 3080 GPU-based farms are used by the service's newly announced RTX 3080 tier to stream games in high definition.

Games that typically run at 60 frames per second will appear more smoother and feel more responsive thanks to the support for 120Hz on Android phones. High framerates up to 120fps and above are also possible.

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