Updated: July 22, 2022

FIFA 23 under Rs 5: Epic Games offers the game almost for free

FIFA 23, EA's last collaboration with FIFA, was announced yesterday with a new trailer that highlights the game's key features, including the new Hypermotion 2 mechanics and a greater emphasis on women's football. However, Indian FIFA-series fans were awake in the early hours of July 21 for a very different reason.

From July 21, Epic Games was offering FIFA 23 (PC) in an Ultimate Edition and a vanilla Standard Edition for pre-order on the platform, but a listing error briefly displayed the game's price as Rs 4.8 (about USD 0.06) rather than the actual price of Rs 4,799.

The error, which took about 30 minutes to fix, allowed many Indian FIFA fans to purchase the game directly from Epic Games for less than Rs 5. The news quickly spread, and one Twitter user even suggested that users in other regions could take advantage of the deal by first changing their ID's location to India.

Yooo!! Thanks @EpicGames ! ??

Bought fifa 23 ultimate edition for less than a dollar!! ?????? #FIFA23 pic.twitter.com/4WvdSvagIu

— Moin Hasan (@moin___hasan) July 20, 2022


Users who snagged the 'epic' deal will most likely get the game's Ultimate Edition alongside everyone else when it launches later this year on September 27. The error has now been corrected, and users can no longer access the incorrect game listing.

FIFA 23: What We Know So Far

FIFA 23 will include a number of new in-game features, including the new Hypermotion 2 mechanics, which will show more realistic player movements than ever before. In contrast to FIFA 22, where the feature was only available for consoles, Hypermotion 2 will be available for PC users this year.

FIFA 23 also includes official licensing for the World Cup Qatar 2022, which begins in November, with EA promising players exclusive in-game perks throughout the tournament.


New set-piece mechanics, new celebrations, improved movements, and a brand-new single-player game mode with "scenario-based challenges themed around real-world events, or FUT campaigns" are also included in the game.

EA has yet to release the game's minimum and recommended system requirements, but these should be available in the coming weeks.

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