Updated: June 21, 2022

Epic Games Store adds a new feature that allows users to rate games

For a few years, the Epic Games Store has provided PC players with a method to legally purchase games without having to go through Origin or Steam. The service has also given away a large number of free games, but it has not been without controversy.

When Epic Games Store first started, it lacked many of the features that gamers had come to expect from other platforms. Some of these capabilities have gradually been available on the service, and it looks that the ability to rate and review games is now available.

Several Epic Games Store customers resorted to social media to publish prompts requesting them to provide a review for the game they had just finished. In one case, the prompt merely asked the player to rate the game on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. Another specifically questioned the player if the game has fun boss battles, giving them the option of yes or no, and then providing a poll breakdown of the responses the game has received from other users.

These ratings are populating the purchase sites for the games, according to a quick peek at the Epic Games Store game pages. Games are ranked by certain factors, such as the aforementioned boss battles, whether a game is diverse, fun, tough, or beginner-friendly, in addition to showing a global star rating from users and game reviewer scores. The ratings don't say what proportion of players thought the game was any of those things, but it's likely that the majority of those asked agreed.

Epic Games Store has taken a great stride forward, although there are still certain flaws when compared to other providers. While platforms like Steam allow users to write detailed reviews of their games, it appears that for the time being, gamers are only able to contribute a score rather than a comprehensive review. However, for individuals who are looking for a game but aren't sure if it's suited for them, it should still be a useful metric.

It's unclear whether Epic Games Store will incorporate complete user reviews in the future. While some may have favoured that alternative from the outset, there are several clear risks that must be addressed, adding to the company's difficulty. Review bombing has become frequent in the game industry, and distinguishing between valid issues and complaints can be challenging. It's gotten to the point that Metacritic now prohibits users from reviewing games for the first 36 hours after they're released, but that hasn't stopped it. For the time being, Epic Games and its users may benefit from staying with a simple star rating and yes/no polling system.

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