Updated: Aug. 8, 2022

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7: Check now for everything disappointing about the new season, including strong bots and the absence of Zombie mode

Season 7 of Call of Duty Changes: Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 was just launched by Activision for gamers.

Call of Duty Season 7's disappointing features

COD Mobile Season7 Changes: Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 was just made available to gamers by Activision. Given the numerous adjustments made to both the gameplay and the weapons, the new update appears promising. A few gaming features, meanwhile, will undoubtedly dissatisfy players. Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 was eagerly anticipated and was expected to be thrilling. However, it is safe to argue that Activision might have done a better job with a few snags.

Players have high hopes for the start of each season in Call of Duty Mobile. They eagerly anticipate any adjustments the game's creators make to make it better. One of the many features people would want to see in the game are content updates. These are all things that Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 has done well. despite this, they have fallen short of reaching their full potential.

Powerful Bots: Call of Duty has had bots for a considerable amount of time. The bots have been incredibly improved in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7, though, by Activision. They are quite powerful and make survival very challenging. The neighbourhood is undoubtedly against it, despite the fact that it presents a fresh challenge. Additionally, bots may now track through walls and project a plan to take out players.

Man-O-War legendary skin is not free: For the entire community, the chance to receive a free Man-O-War legendary skin was alluring. One of the most cherished features of the game is its cosmetics, therefore receiving them for nothing at all is a wonderful chance. To the players' dismay, it has been discovered that the skin is actually not free at all. As a matter of fact, players who want the Man-O-War legendary skin must buy at least three legendary weapons.

No Zombies: The game is more thrilling and difficult when Zombies are present. It was said that Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 would see the game's zombies make a comeback. However, the creators did not include them in this update. Gamers can hope that Season 8 will include them.

Bugs and glitches: Activision, the game's creator, has attempted to improve Call of Duty Mobile Season 7. However, there are a few bothersome bugs in the game that make gaming for the community somewhat unsatisfactory.

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