Updated: Feb. 7, 2023

Assassin's Creed receives the first game Grammy

The Assassin's Creed video game Valhalla has won the first Grammy for video game music, despite the fact that the presenter was unsure how to pronounce it.

The 65th Grammy Awards were broadcast yesterday, and for the first time, a category dedicated solely to the best video game soundtrack was included.

Austin Wintory for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Stephanie Economou for Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok, Bear McCreary for Call of Duty: Vanguard, Richard Jacques for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and Christopher Tin for Old World were among the nominees.

Previously, games were eligible in other categories, but rarely won any of them when competing against other projects. This is the first time that the Grammy Awards have included a video game category.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok eventually won the award, which Economou accepted. Economou has previously worked on the scores of several feature films, including The Martian and Mulan, and has appeared as a violinist in shows such as Marvel 616.

Pre-show host Randy Rainbow's pronunciation of the game's name amused game fans. When reading out the winner, Rainbow managed to work his way through "Assassin's" and "Creed" mostly fine, but stumbled when getting to "Valhalla".

As a result, the pronunciation sounded more like "Valaha" than anything else, which is understandable given the rarity of the word. Nonetheless, the moment went viral on social media, with one tweet receiving over eight million views in the hours following the show.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla was released in 2020 and has received multiple years of content updates since then. Dawn of Ragnarok, a massive piece of DLC that added new abilities, enemies, and locations to explore, was the most recent major expansion.

It is a part of the larger Assassin's Creed franchise, which has been developed and published by Ubisoft since the first game was released in 2007. The series is expected to see many more games in the future, with the next game, a Valhalla spin-off called Mirage, due out this year.

However, the series is not without drama. The director behind the upcoming Assassin's Creed Red was accused of harassment by multiple employees, with many alleging that the director was "narcissistic" and a "bully".

The Grammy win also comes after a major Ubisoft game was delayed six times, with Skull and Bones' release date being pushed back yet again. The game was supposed to be released in 2018, but it has been repeatedly delayed, and it may now be released next year.






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