Updated: July 1, 2022

Ash Ketchum is Returning to Pokemon Games at Last

Since shortly after the initial games were launched in 1996, the Pokemon anime has been running strong alongside the well-known games, and the games and anime are still running today. One Pokemon fan remarked that Ash Ketchum's lengthy exclusion from the Pokemon video games is coming to an end with his character model debut in Pokemon Masters EX.

Since the first episode of the Pokemon anime and films broadcast in 1997, Ash Ketchum has been the primary character, and he continues to be the main character in the ongoing Pokemon Journeys. The Pokemon hero has changed over the years, but other than one game that used the character as an image rather than a model for a character, he hasn't appeared in any other Pokemon games. With Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64, which was launched in 2000, Ash Ketchum was depicted using Pokemon anime imagery. Pokemon Master EX will be the first game to use an official character model.

One of the earliest to remark that Ash Ketchum's inclusion in Pokemon Masters EX puts an end to the main character of the franchise's protracted streak of absence from appearances in Pokemon games was Twitter user Akilvers. Red, a Pokemon trainer who served as one of Pokemon Gold and Silver's last challenges, was the centre of the early Pokemon games, but Ash Ketchum was never a main or even a minor character in any of the franchise's games. This indicates that Ash Ketchum won't be a "Easter egg, hint, or letter" like he has been in previous Pokemon games like Pokemon X and Y or Pokemon Sun and Moon, according to Akilvers.

I’ll say it loud and clear once again.

For the first time in all these 25 years, Ash Ketchum/Satoshi appears in the game not as an easter egg, hint, letter, OT or JPG in an arcade machine, but as an OFFICIAL LEGIT REAL 3D _GAME_ MODEL! ????????#anipoke #???? #PMEXSpoiler pic.twitter.com/iIpizvgmCY

— ????? Annet ????? (@Akilvers) June 28, 2022

Pokemon character Ash Ketchum, who has Pokemon that will be recognisable to fans of the anime, can enter battles as a sync pair for Pokemon Masters EX players. Ash Ketchum has joined the ranks of other sync pair heroes such as Dawn, Ethan, Hilbert, and more in Pokemon Masters EX thanks to multiversal techniques similar to how Sinnoh was significantly transformed into the Hisui region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Like a sync pair, Ash Ketchum will probably only be seen fighting other trainers in Pokemon Masters EX, as he might in the anime. It is presently unknown how significant a role Ash Ketchum will have in the game.

Although the stories of the Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Let's Go Pickachu and Eevee Switch games are comparable to those that end the first Pokemon anime seasons, Ash Ketchum is not given much of a spotlight in these games. Several Pokemon games have been launched without Ash Ketchum's inclusion, as one Pokemon fan who responded to Akilvers pointed out. Team Rocket's Jessie and James obtained official Pokemon video game character models around 24 years before Ash Ketchum. Despite the fact that the Pokemon anime has been around for a while, many Pokemon Masters EX players were surprised to see him join the cast. One player even predicted that Ash would eventually be replaced as the main Pokemon anime character.

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