Updated: Dec. 8, 2022

Amazon's Prime Gaming is set to launch in India soon

Prime Gaming is a redesigned version of Twitch Prime.

According to gaming industry analyst Rishi Alwani, the launch of Amazon's gaming subscription service, Prime Gaming, appears to be getting closer.

Alwani claimed that searching "Prime Gaming" on Amazon India's website yielded a dedicated page, but that clicking on the on-page content resulted in an error.

Amazon removed the page shortly after people began tweeting about the potential launch of Prime Gaming.

What is the significance of this story?

The race to lead India's cloud gaming sector has become fierce. JioGamesCloud was recently launched in collaboration with NVIDIA GeForce Now.

New titles are also being added to Netflix's cloud gaming portfolio.

Amazon is now preparing to launch its cloud gaming service in India.

An official announcement about the launch of Prime Gaming appears to be on the way.

Amazon was most likely experimenting with Prime Gaming links.

Amazon's Prime Gaming page appears to have gone live earlier than expected. Or, more likely, Amazon was running some tests.

Some Amazon customers noticed a dedicated Prime Gaming banner on the website but clicking on it resulted in an error.

The banner is no longer visible, and only the Prime membership page is visible.

Everything you need to know about Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime Gaming is a subscription-based gaming service that offers a selection of exclusive cloud-based game titles.

It is included with the Prime membership and provides instant access to thousands of games, with new ones added every month.

It also offers users a variety of gaming benefits, such as in-game loot and Twitch-focused features.

Prime Gaming is already present in a number of markets.

India should have a portfolio similar to the US for Prime Gaming.

A formal announcement might be made in the upcoming days, even though Amazon India has not yet confirmed anything.

In contrast, Prime Gaming is promoting eight games in the US this December, including QUAKE, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, DOORS: Paradox, Desert Child, The Amazing American Circus, Rose Riddle 2, Banners of Ruin, and Spinch.

They should be available at Prime Gaming in India as well.



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