Updated: May 30, 2022

5 methods for removing pop-up ads from smartphone gaming

Pop-up ads while playing mobile games are certainly annoying and disrupt the flow. It is distracting, irritating, and time-limited, which means we must watch it without pausing for the last few seconds. Most importantly, it could be of anything, which makes you feel awkward if you are in a public place. But you should know that every problem has a solution, and we can definitely get rid of these annoying advertisements.

Here are 5 tips for avoiding advertisements while playing.

Use the Airplane mode

We're all aware of how these ads work—they require the internet to automatically load on your smart device. So, if you are very serious about having an ad-free mobile gaming experience, simply put the handset in airplane mode, and the banner ads will no longer bother you.

Although some advertisements may still bother you while in airplane mode, they will be fewer in number.

Clear Captures

You can also remove caches from your device's storage data. Remember to clear catches before reinstalling the game if you uninstall it.

Reinstall the game

If you do not want to put your device in flight mode, you can uninstall the game and reinstall it.

Turn off your mobile data and WiFi

You can navigate to the 'Mobile data & WiFi' section of the game or app's information page. You must enable the Disable WiFi and Disable data consumption sections.

You can also disable the Background data toggle if you want. As a result, even if you connect to the internet, your game will be unable to access the app or game.

Data Consumption should be disabled

Another option is to long-tap on the game's icon and then select 'Info' from the menu to disable unwanted adverts while playing. Alternatively, navigate to Settings, App and Notifications, App Info, and choose the desired app.

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