Updated: May 8, 2023

Discover What's New: 5 Intriguing Features of Minecraft's Trails & Tales Update


The release of Minecraft 1.20, also known as the Trails & Tales Update, is still uncertain, but players have been able to enjoy its features through the game's betas. The update is packed with exciting content, including the introduction of archaeology, new mobs, and armour customization. Mojang has put a lot of effort into this update, making it difficult for fans to keep up with all the information available. Despite keeping track of Mojang's primary announcements, players may miss out on some intriguing facts



Minecraft's First Update with Experiments System

The Experiments System has been a long-standing feature in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, offering players the opportunity to preview upcoming update content. However, there is now a noteworthy development as the experimental features setting has been introduced to Minecraft: Java Edition. Mojang decided to incorporate the Experiments System into Java Edition, primarily to allow players to preview the content from the upcoming 1.20 update in versions like Java 1.19.3 and 1.19.4.

It's important to note that the experimental settings in Java Edition do not provide the same level of content access as snapshots do, but it is still a highly appreciated and welcomed addition for Java players.

Gradual Introduction of Minecraft 1.20 Update Features

In the past, Minecraft Live, held towards the end of each year, has been the platform for announcing new major content updates. Typically, the trailers accompanying these updates have showcased all the exciting features that would be included. However, an interesting departure from this trend occurred with the unveiling of the Trails & Tales update.

Surprisingly, the initial trailer for this update did not reveal all of its features. It wasn't until after the live event that subsequent videos unveiled details about the archaeology and cherry grove biomes. The reason behind Mojang's decision to deviate from their usual approach remains unclear, but it is possible that it was influenced by their content release schedule.

Minecraft 1.20 Update Incorporates Scrapped Caves & Cliffs Features

Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update was highly anticipated and widely regarded as one of the most significant updates in recent memory, earning a special place in the hearts of many fans. Initially, Mojang had intended to introduce the deep dark biome and archaeology as part of this two-part update. However, due to time constraints, these features had to be delayed. Nevertheless, Mojang expressed their commitment to expanding upon these ideas during the 1.17-1.18 development cycle. In a pleasant turn of events, elements that were originally envisioned for Caves & Cliffs found their way into the Trails & Tales update.

The 1.19 update introduced the long-awaited deep dark biome, fulfilling the expectations of eager players. Additionally, Minecraft 1.20 now features the inclusion of two features that were originally conceptualized for Caves & Cliffs: calibrated sculk sensors and archaeology gameplay. By incorporating these elements into Minecraft's ongoing development, Mojang is providing fans with the opportunity to experience the envisioned features and further enrich their gameplay experiences.

Minecraft 1.20 Update Brings Rapid Panorama Change

The introduction of a new Minecraft update often brings changes to the main menu panorama during its development cycle. Normally, when Java snapshots and Bedrock previews are released, a fresh panorama is added after a few beta versions. However, the Trails & Tales update stands out for having the shortest timeframe between the first snapshot release and a panorama change.

In this case, it took only two snapshot releases for the in-game panorama of update 1.20 to be altered, which is notably quicker than any previous update. Surprisingly, the panorama for Trails & Tales was unveiled a mere 14 days after the initial snapshot debut.

Archaeology Boosts Popularity of Minecraft Sniffer

During the Minecraft Mob Vote held in late 2022, Mojang intriguingly described the sniffer as an elusive and ancient mob that couldn't be encountered like other mobs in the game. This statement sparked curiosity among players and fans, leading them to speculate about potential methods of finding this creature. Many theorized that uncovering the sniffer might involve exploring ancient structures, thus drawing a connection between the sniffer and the highly anticipated archaeology gameplay. As a result, the sniffer's popularity in the Mob Vote was likely influenced by the hopeful expectation that it would bring along the inclusion of archaeology in the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update.

Although archaeology was not the sole reason why the sniffer triumphed over the rascal and tuff golem in the Mob Vote, the promise of an accompanying gameplay mechanic certainly played a significant role. Players were excited about the potential synergy between the sniffer and the archaeology feature, fueling their enthusiasm and ultimately contributing to the sniffer's victory in the competition.



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