Updated: Jan. 30, 2023

An Entrepreneur's Vision for 2023

A Q&A session with the country's visionary entrepreneurs

The recent period of unprecedented economic disruption appears set to continue in 2023. The recent sell-off in equity markets, difficult funding rounds, and significant layoffs provide a preview of what the upcoming downturn will bring.

However, contrary to popular belief, it is precisely these types of challenges that will foster the birth and growth of new businesses. The best entrepreneurs thrive in turbulent times. They understand how to channel their anxieties and respond to, and even shape - disruption. They are nonconformists, unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom and try something new. They can play an important role in developing the new products and services required to propel the global economy forward and overcome the challenges that will inevitably arise.

Many of the young minds entering the workforce have decided that they must make their own way rather than rely on others.

These entrepreneurs represent a wide range of industries, but they all have one thing in common: they're turning heads and setting trends in their respective fields.

Welcome to this Q&A session with the country's visionary entrepreneurs. We have created an exciting opportunity for everyone to learn from their experiences, insights, and advice on entrepreneurship for 2023. Let's begin with our list of questions.

Heta Desai Baandal - Managing Director & Chief Strategist -Sociomark

Heta, comes with an experience of 10+Years in marketing. Having worked for various brands and movies, she decided to start her own agency 5 years ago. 

Sociomark is the name that resonates with creating a mark for the brand through – creativity, quirky and engaging content ideas at the same time backing it up with technology and paid marketing tools.


Sociomark is a team of reMARKable individuals who devote their energies to curating the flawless plan for its clients, by adopting the best strategy & utilizing the ideal resources in the best possible way. The sole purpose is to build an amazing presence for its clientele through a perfect blend of creativity & technology! 

Sociomark deals in 360 marketing campaigns and has its forte in - social media, Paid Ads, SEO, Website Development, Content Writing & Influencer Activities.

Question 1. What are your expectations from 2023?

Last year was a complete reawakening. We have witnessed clients and brands gain significant trust, which has inspired us greatly. So, our goal for this year is to open more offices in India, specifically in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Thane, as well as to expand into the markets of the UAE, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. We wish to strengthen our team. This year, we hope to hire about 100 more people.

We already have a presence in government projects, and our primary goal is to obtain more government contracts. Apart from that, this year's revenue is expected to be at least 6 Cr. and as the social media age demands new approaches to digital marketing, we are also adapting to the industry's emerging trends.

Question 2. How are you preparing yourself for the same?

There have been numerous trends over the last year that we believe will shape the industry's future. The metaverse is one of the most recent trends. We've already seen brands dabbling with it, but it's only going to get more popular. So, in my opinion, these are the dynamics that will be key trends for our agency in the near future.

Apart from that, we're looking to fill more senior management positions. And would hire to supplement the current team. And we will increase our investments in software and infrastructure to help us build and achieve this goal.

Rest The Case Shreya Sharma, Founder, Rest The Case.

Rest The Case has been able to onboard over 1200 lawyers from over 200 cities this year.

We have been able to help 100% more people than we were able to last year to find lawyers near them. Along with growth with our clients and lawyers, we have also doubled our in-house team. Our website and social media numbers are significant as an online platform. We increased our social media presence by more than 200% this year alone across all platforms. Not only that, but our website saw a 700% increase from the previous year.

Question 1. What are your expectations from 2023?

Rest The Case has spent the last few years establishing our business, building a customer base, and onboarding lawyers. We have successfully onboarded over 1100 lawyers in more than 200 cities. In 2023, our goal is to increase the number of lawyers we have and to expand our presence to more cities and towns across the country, so that more people can connect with lawyers and resolve their legal issues.

Furthermore, we intend to add more features to our website to improve usability.

Question 2. How are you preparing yourself for the same?

We are expanding our team and creating more content to ensure that we cover almost everything legal in order to help as many people as possible and gain access to the law by making it simple and understandable, allowing them to make informed decisions.

We intend to incorporate AI into our systems, which will aid in ensuring the safety and security of the client's information while also speeding up the process.

We currently provide Legal Document Templates. Incorporating AI into this will make the process of creating these templates easier and more convenient.

With the increased demand for mediation all across, we intend to add the option to access mediation on our platform.

Also, share a quote on the future of your industry.

Legal Tech is a fast-emerging industry right now and will continue to grow just like any other industry. We must use this to our advantage as this can act as a guiding force and aid the legal industry in making it faster, more efficient and transparent.

ThinkerPlace:  Deepti Sharma, Director, ThinkerPlace.

ThinkerPlace has always aimed to revolutionise learning methodology by making it enjoyable and simple for children. We focus on bringing theoretical STEM concepts to life with our entertaining Educational STEM DIY Toys. We launched our new product line for children aged 8 and above in 2022. We had a successful collaboration with JioTV and Padhega Bharat. With this collaboration, we hope to reach over 50 lakh Indian households and raise STEM awareness across the country. We are also collaborating with MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited) and HKCL (Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited) to make STEM learning fun and easy and to implement it in real life. ThinkerPlace also crossed borders when we successfully established TRAM (The Rehla Academy Makerspace) in collaboration with TechGen Africa to establish STEM & Innovation Labs at TRA, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Question 1. What are your expectations from 2023?

We anticipate rapid expansion into national and international markets in 2023. We are working to expand into international markets such as the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Our team is also researching and developing new toys for children of a broader age range. We are collaborating with various schools, educational institutes, and corporate companies in the education sector to raise STEM awareness and promote practical learning among children in India and around the world, guiding them toward innovation and entrepreneurship.

Question 2. How are you preparing yourself for the same?

We are developing a new line of toys for children ages 3 to 12 that will provide them with a 360-degree STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning experience that will foster the development of many important innovative skills such as robotics, automation, coding, and IoT. To improve the learning experience, our team is also planning to add many innovative features to the Learning Management System, such as gamification. We are in talks with several schools about establishing STEM Innovation Labs that will provide students with hands-on learning in a variety of complex STEM concepts.

Also, share a quote on the future of your industry.

With the rapid pace of technological advancement and the growing importance of STEM-related fields in the global economy, it is critical for students to have a solid foundation in STEM subjects in order to succeed. To make learning more effective and goal-oriented, schools have begun to promote practical learning and integrate technology and digital tools into the classroom. STEM education has a promising future. Coding, robotics, and automation skills are in high demand in the market right now, and they will be required for many jobs in the future. With this perception in mind, we are working hard to play an important role in propelling India toward innovation.






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